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Candi Graf

Creator of Foundations For Success

Candi is the President and owner of "Foundations For Success Inc." and the "FFSHing Formula" (pronounced "fishing" formula), which she created after graduating from the school-of-hard-knocks. She has coached 1000s of her clients to eliminate debts and mortgages in 1/4 the time, creating dependable income and profits while avoiding the risks of traditional real estate investing or debt consolidation that can ruin people's credit.

Candi is a recipient of Global Television's "Woman of Vision Award," as well as "Renovator of the Year." Using her FFSHing Formula (Foundations For Success Hybrid Formula), she paid off 39 mortgages in just 11 years and has bought and sold over 650 properties to date. Candi isn't someone who just teaches; she still does the business.

At the peak of her career, Candi went through a divorce; a week later was diagnosed with cancer and shortly after was accused of fraud by the ASC. Not willing to settle and admit to something she didn't do, Candi went up against the ASC's top lawyers to defend against the allegations without a lawyer and won! Currently, she is working on a book and documentary to tell her story.

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