Client Testimonies

Very comprehensive materials! Candi thoroughly reviews each and every system. Everyone in our private group (over 80 people!!!) want to network with each other all the time.

Karen S.

She's a genius! Candi has the ability to coach and help progress your success if you choose to use her systems.

Greg O.

Candice has a very straight-forward way of teaching in layman's terms and a positive message that everyone can achieve success in real estate.

Charity C.

Candi's passion for her kids, life and business (in that order) and her vast wealth of real estate knowledge make you see that you can be successful as well. An invaluable asset, especially to anyone wanting to do real estate investing. This has changed my life!

Drew A.

Candice has totally opened my eyes to how I can do things better and different in my real estate investing business to stand out and I now have a life that I thought was totally out of my reach!

Cory F.

The contents in this program are so valuable and Candi is so informative and such an expert at this, that it is enough to completely motivate a person to create a direction in their life and build a real estate business that supports it.

Betty P.

Excellent program! More than I thought I would receive.

Amanda E.

Candi's concepts are clear and precise and easy to follow and implement.

Sujoy C.

Most complete program I could have ever imagined!

Ernie S.

Very knowledgeable and sincere! No rah, rah, rah! Candi tells it as it is! Does not lead you to believe it is a peace of cake. Not for anyone who won't do the work. But if you do you will be amazed!

Deanna N.

Candi shows so much integrity and business etiquette. The sharing of so much information and knowledge is very unselfish and because of this there will be nothing but success for her members.

Richard P.

Candi speaks with incredible passion about real estate. The credibility of her track record speaks for itself and the fun atmosphere and growing excitement among our private group is contagious.

Douglas W.

I really appreciate how Candi shares her obviously extensive real estate knowledge and seeks to do business with integrity and honesty.

Sandy B.

You can't afford to miss this if you are serious about your real estate business success.

Steve R.

Candi is an inspiring and successful business woman. She shares from her own experience and living a lifestyle that everyone dreams of.

Rhea B.

Candice is a real straight talkin, direct, expert, real estate business and lifestyle coach. She knows what she is talking about because she talks from experience... her's and her members'... tested and tried methods! I love the clear systematic procedures she uses. She provides direction and guidance yet promotes imagination... pushing us to see that there was a way to work less and make way more than we dreamed possible.

Mic H.

When my wife and I met Candi we were on the brink of bankruptcy. We had to use credit cards to join her program... it was our last ditch at making something work. We were terrified but we had no other ideas. (She was really worried about letting us do this but we begged her for a chance). Within weeks we made back all we spent on her Foundations For Success coaching and joined her on going membership and now just a year later we are millionaires and we own several motels and fly-in fishing resorts with our son!!! We have an amazing lifestyle that our business is designed to support and we barely work at all! Best of all, our son is now in the program at 17 years old! (He can’t even own a business for a few more months hehehe).

Blaize and Tara R.

The most important benefit is the membership and coaching she provides. Learning from someone who has already done what I want to be doing and that I can actually apply myself. I value Candice's honesty and down-to-earth approach in coaching us. Also, associating and brainstorming with like-minded individuals is very valuable and made all the difference for me. I needed a major amount of accountability in my life and business.

Michael L.

Methodically laid out and logical. It is a very easy system to understand and replicate.

Michael E.

Candice is great! She really goes into great detail with her courses.

Roxann B.

Don't buy anymore real estate programs until you take this course and hire Candi as your mentor!

Art P.

I like that Candi is always available to us when we need her. She doesn't just sell you a course and say good luck. Being able to ask her questions and have ongoing support and coaching is what made the difference for me and my real estate business. I can hardly believe I am actually a millionaire!

Josh P.

I have bought and been to other real estate business programs that were "good". Foundations For Success was my choice as a program and community to join because Candi and her team make the difference between "good" and "great" very obvious!!!!

Al F.

Candice has a way of getting a serious point across and still has fun with it at the same time. I appreciate she takes the time to explain what not to do. She has developed a fantastic business and at the same time she has helped so many people enjoy the benefits of having a real estate business that supports the lifestyle they want.

Luc T.

My life and business has changed from barely getting by to making over $50,000 every month! Thank you Candi for making this so easy!!!

Sarah K.

Candice's passion for her clients and her systems is contagious! She has developed well thought out processes that work.

Luke A.

Candi is a terrific coach who thoroughly knows her material and it is obvious by her quick responses to constant questions by us members.

Stan W.

Candice and her program are directly responsible for me building my business to over 1 million in just one year.

Brian G.

Learn from someone who is doing it. No hype or B.S. Just systems that work.

Steve P.

Very applicable and very extensive. Candi is very generous with the lessons from her extensive experience.

Jeremy P.

Candice and her program are directly responsible for me building my business to over 1 million in just one year.

Brian G.

Learn from someone who is doing it. No hype or B.S. Just systems that work.

Steve P.

Very applicable and very extensive. Candi is very generous with the lessons from her extensive experience.

Jeremy P.

I think it is very relevant that Candice developed systems that work in any market and that they help landlords like me fix negative cashflows. Candice is authentic and sincere!

Tammy T.

Candi is a true professional in presentation, preparation and she is an energetic speaker and coach. My real estate portfolio has grown to where I never dreamed it could!

Mona D.

I was unsure of the value of this program at first, as I have gone to many other real estate programs that seem awesome but fall flat. I am very glad I came to Candi and joined up!

Terry K.

Candi is THE REAL MCCOY, THE BEES KNEES, THE CAT's PAJAMAS!!! If you join her membership and coaching you will have chosen correctly, GRASSHOPPER!! This mentor/coach knows what matters... and what doesn't. What is important... and what isn't. Have the courage to take ACTION!!!! You are in fine company.

Len P.

Candice speaks with incredible passion about real estate. The credibility of her track record speaks for itself and the fun atmosphere and glowing excitement that she creates makes absorbing the lessons extremely enjoyable. If it weren't for her energy I would not have been inspired enough to get off my butt and actually do something about my finances. Now I never have to worry about debts or bills ever again. Bravo Candi.

Douglas W.

Plan ahead, plan ahead, plan ahead! Good things won't happen unless you write out your plan of attack, know what you want, why you want it and what has been getting in your way so far. If I hadn't taken this course I would still be dreaming of what it could be like to live the life it wanted instead I am now living it!

Paul E.

The course is very interactive, informal and very informative.

Elgin T.

Candi is human and is positively and sincerely sharing her experience. Wow. Shows total commitment and honesty to her members.

Marc P.

Don’t buy anymore real estate until you take this course!

Dr. A. P.

Candice is great, she really goes into great detail with the course but it doesn't actually feel overwhelming. Most valuable idea: the step by step structure for sure.

Roxana B.

A very complete package. Candi did an excellent job. This course was invaluable to me and my wife. Thank you for helping us have a better life Candi.

A.J. B.

Valuable reality checks, tips and great manuals, templates and checklists. Candice's course delivery is very polished, entertaining and fun. Best of all it works!

David C.

This is the best thing that I have had come into my life. The system and how to approach is great! Thank you Candice and the FFS team for everything. I don't know what else to say but my life is never going to be the same.

Gordon J.

People should know that Candice and her real estate program is absolute genius! So well informed and motivated to help you and me to be successful like her. It is an absolute must to see and learn. I'm extremely grateful for what I have learned.

Rick C.

Down to earth (a real person who doesn't flaunt her success). It is like a sister was teaching me her own life lessons. Good lessons (and her mistakes too). I love that she shares her mistakes so we don't have to repeat them.

Bina D.

Candice explains the business system in an easy to understand format. Her speaking style allows you to feel confident enough to go out and do your business. She is believable and I love her friendly down to earth style and best of all I am finally making a real living doing something so cool as real estate.

Tammy T.

Candi is so down to earth, she speaks to you not down to you. Some of us have had shitty situations we came to the group with but Candice always makes us feel good about every big and little success along the way. You have really inspired my dear. Thank you!

Lloyd G.

Extremely qualified mentor with a wealth of experience. Candi designed a well organized, well thought out content well presented. For me the most valuable ideas are creating the vision, learning the strategies to achieve the vision, and networking to set up fellow real estate investors to ensure we follow them.

Dan W.

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