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Foundations for Success was created specifically for one reason and one reason only:

TO TEACH YOU how you can ELIMINATE your DEBTS & MORTGAGE FAST while being in COMPLETE CONTROL of the INCOME you want to earn so that you can be FINANCIALLY CONFIDENT and know that RETIREMENT is not just a pipe dream.

If you want to know what it REALLY takes to eradicate your debts and mortgage in about a 1/4 the time WITHOUT having to work more hours AND at the same time create RELIABLE INCOME through real estate using a completely REVOLUTIONARY SYSTEM that can provide you the life you and your loved-ones deserve WITHOUT risking your money and credit for down payments and painful bank financing OR the need to deal with Joint Venture partners, PITA tenants, expensive renovations, and SO MUCH more...'re definitely in the right place.

Our proven system exists to help set you free from debt and teach you how to make REAL profits in real estate that you can actually rely on to plan your retirement around, WHILE enjoying more freedom TODAY and feeling great about how you help the people you buy from and sell to.

We Believe

Our unique FFSHing Formula is by far the fastest, safest and easiest to implement system ever created. It has been tested and proven to work by 1000s of our clients and us regardless of what kind of market we are in. It is for those of you who want a reliable step-by-step process for eliminating debt and mortgages without the usual risks associated with most other real estate investment strategies and debt reduction systems that risk your money and can ruin your credit.

The FFSHing Formula

Designed with TWO main components: 1) Obliterate your Debt and Mortgage in 1/4 the time. 2) Create Profits and Cash Flow on every deal. Do one or the other but for best results, combine them both so you can quickly take care of today's needs first like replacing your current income and paying off debts without feeling stressed or imprisoned by the success of your new lifestyle.

Profits, Cash Flow, & Debt Freedom

The FFSHing Formula is designed to give you control over the two main areas of your finances: INCOME and DEBT FREEDOM. Having a job, working for someone else that can lay you off is the new risky and taking back control is the new safe. We teach a simple to follow formula that allows you to be in complete control of the income you make so you never again need to worry about losing your job or taking on a job you hate all while dissolving your debts in record time so you can get on living the life you want and not the life you ended up with.

Our Clients

Our average client is able to replace their current income in just months and start paying off their debts and mortgage in just weeks using the FFSHing Formula and doesn't require dealing with PITA (pain in the ass) tenants, negative cash flow and vacancies or ever having to renovate. Once set up, 90 % of the formula can be done from your home office. What would your life be like if you had this freedom?

Our System

Whether you just want to get rid of debt and your mortgage or create income through real estate or both, the FFSHing Formula was designed to be the fastest, simplest and least risky way to build lasting generational wealth and debt freedom. Best of all, once it is set up, the majority of the business can be set on auto pilot so money flows freely into your bank account month after month like clockwork!

Our Mission

To show you how simple it REALLY can be, to BUILD the LIFE and INCOME you DESERVE. We do this by exposing the lies, truths and guarded secrets of the real estate and financial industries while sharing all the wisdom we've gleaned over the last 20+ years including the formula Candi created for paying off 39 rental properties in just 11 years. This coaching program exists so that you can avoid making dangerous, costly mistakes that can destroy you financially and your hope of ever having the life you want.

"I'm so excited to be in your program!
It's not even week 2 yet, and I've more than recovered the initial cost.
What a simple and genius strategy!"

Shon Ellingboe

Work With Us

If you have a mortgage or debts and/or you've been thinking of getting into flipping, renting or wholesaling properties or maybe even tax liens or if you are already trying any of these methods...But you really aren't sure where to start...then congratulations because you are in exactly the right place. Just click on the red button, watch the video then reach out for a live 1-on-1 with Candi.

Bravo, Candi!

Candice speaks with incredible passion about real estate. The credibility of her track record speaks for itself and the fun atmosphere and glowing excitement that she creates makes absorbing the lessons extremely enjoyable. If it weren't for her energy I would not have been inspired enough to get off my butt and actually do something about my finances. Now I never have to worry about debts or bills ever again. Bravo Candi.

Douglas W.

Authentic & Sincere

I've tried other real estate courses but the costs, risks and stress were not worth the minimal profits I made. I have negative cash flowing rentals and vacancies scare me to death.

I think it is very relevant that Candice developed systems that work in any market and that they help landlords like me fix negative cash-flows. Candice is authentic and sincere!

Tammy T.

Tried & Tested

Candice is a real straight talking, direct, expert, real estate business and lifestyle coach. She knows what she is talking about because she talks from experience...hers and her members'...tested and tried methods! I love the clear systematic procedures she uses. She provides direction and guidance yet promotes imagination...pushing us to see that there was a way to work less and make way more than we dreamed possible.

Mic H.

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